Editorial Bridal in Northern California

Mar 8, 2023


Hannah / Ferndale, CA

An editorial bridal on the coast of Northern California.

This is a beautiful collaboration between myself and Hannah that took place on a beach in Ferndale, California. I came across this beach while hiking one day, and it became the main inspiration for this entire shoot.

To prepare for this styled shoot, I began by looking for the perfect dress. One that would complement the location as a whole. While looking, I came across this dress from Taylar Made Dress Rentals. I loved its long flowing train, sleeves, and delicate material. After receiving the dress, we decided to pair the look with minimal gold hoops, and a floor length veil from Esty.

Weeks of anticipation, and it was finally shooting day.

Going into this shoot, I was so excited to have the time to slow down and just create. My main goal was to create a look that was editorial, but with a storytelling approach. Something that felt real and minimal. To begin, we started in an open field nearby the beach. I was drawn to the overgrown tracks that ran through the field and the tall grass. As we were shooting, we were welcomed by some breeze that created beautiful movement throughout the photographs. I utilized this even more by having Hannah play with her veil.

The weather on the day of the shoot could not have been more perfect for us. The minimal cloud cover created soft lighting with moments of direct light. I love to utilize direct light to really allow the colors of the landscape to pop.

After finishing up in the open field, we then started our hike down to the beach. While we were walking, rays started to peek out behind the clouds. It was such a beautiful moment that we had to stop to take it all in.

The beach itself is so incredible. It offers a wide expanse of black sand, and towering cliffs. The cliffside was what originally caught my eye. It reminded me of something you would see in Iceland. The texture, and dark color immediately had me so inspired that I simply could not get enough.

I had such an amazing day with Hannah and I am so in love with the results.

I am a California photographer that specializes in editorial wedding photography. You can view more of my work on the journal.


Beauty / @hannahbcantrell

Dress / @taylarmaderentals

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